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What are the advantages of PPR composite pipe production line?

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PPR is the abbreviation of tripropylene polyethylene, also known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe. It adopts heat welding method, has special welding and cutting tools, and has high plasticity. The price is also very economical. The thermal insulation performance is also very good, and the pipe wall is also very smooth. The general price is 6-12 yuan per meter (4 pipes), excluding the joints of the inner and outer wires. It is generally used for embedded walls or deep well embedded pipes.

PPR pipe is moderate in price, stable in performance, heat-resistant and heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, smooth and non-scaled on the inner wall, safe and reliable piping system, non-penetrating, and can be used for 50 years. However, the construction technology is high, and special tools and professionals are required to carry out the construction to ensure the safety of the system.

Six advantages of PPR composite pipe production line
1. The production line adopts PLC control system, with high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation;
3. Precise synchronization control technology makes the running speed of each tractor uniform and consistent.
4. The outer pipe co-extrusion technology is adopted to improve the interlayer bonding strength of the pipe.
5. Equipped with internationally famous brand argon arc welding machine and welding torch cooling device, can guarantee the long-term continuous production.
6, PPR composite pipe production line has the advantages of high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, aluminum and plastic do not separate.