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Features of pipes produced by PVC pipe extrusion line

Source£ºSuzhou Jplastic Me Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Time£º2019-06-06 Browse£º1520

1. Simple construction, the joining of PVC pipes produced by PVC pipe extrusion production line is very easy, which can speed up the construction speed and greatly reduce the construction project cost
2. Light weight, convenient transportation and loading and unloading, PVC pipe is very light in material, has huge advantages in handling and loading and unloading, which reduces a lot of trouble for construction, thereby saving manual labor and improving efficiency
3. Does not affect water quality. The pipes produced by the PVC pipe extrusion production line have been confirmed in the dissolution test that their use does not affect the water quality. PVC pipes have now become a good pipe for tap water pipes.
4. Excellent chemical resistance, PVC pipe has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the chemical industry
5. Good electrical insulation, PVC pipe has excellent electrical insulation, suitable for wires, cable ducts, and wiring piping on buildings, is a good choice
6. High mechanical strength, PVC pipe has good performance in hydraulic pressure resistance, external pressure resistance and impact strength, suitable for piping projects under various conditions
7. Low fluid resistance, the wall of PVC pipe produced by PVC pipe extrusion line is smooth, the resistance to fluid is small, the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, compared with other pipes, the resistance of PVC pipe is small.